¡Ya casi!

¡Ya casi!

This is it! Ya casi - almost there! Only 3 days to grab our backpacks and head to Heathrow to start this adventure. Well, maybe it will start as we walk out the door and try to juggle all the TfL strikes, but that just makes it more fun.

We’ve been packing around the house to make space for the lovely couple of friends that are coming to live here while we are away. As I start to hear the echo of the empty spaces, it started to kick in: that familiar feeling of packing it all because you are moving out of the country. Except this time everything is only going to go to the other bedroom, I'm not packing alone and, and most importantly, I'm coming back home. Which also feels kind of weird, because the idea of going to South America feels like going home, even though we are sadly skipping Venezuela on this trip.

I am beyond excited about going back to the places I know and showing them to JP. I think this will help him understand a lot more about me, and I’m SO looking forward to seeing all those known places through his eyes. Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing him having to speak more Spanish to be able to go around - watch this space, I’ve made it a personal challenge to get him to post something in Spanish here!

Oh! I’m Yvette, by the way, the other half of this team. I was born and brought up in Venezuela to a Colombian Mum, a French Dad, and later a French stepdad (yeah I know, my mum had something for the French). As I say to my friends, I'm a citizen of the world, I just change who I pay my taxes to, but South America will always be my first home I can't wait to be back!

Well, I guess I ought to get back to packing with JP. Let the adventures begin!!