Yvette & JP

Yvette & JP

For a long time we've enjoyed travelling, delicious food, and adventuring with friends old, and new. We've created this blog to share our thoughts on our most adventurous trip yet — our sabbatical travelling around the Americas — and to keep in touch with all of you who we'll miss so much.

You might think it was our first date in late 2018 that we recognised our shared love of food given that it was at The Palomar, a superlative Middle Eastern restaurant that keeps us going back again and again. You could think it was the wide-eyed tales of our travels on our second date at Ain't Nothing But The Blues Bar, but there's no doubt that our third date cemented our relationship and our wanderlust, given it started in earnest over a lunchtime beer in Faro, Portugal.

We hope you enjoy reading about our travels! If you 'subscribe' here, you can choose to be emailed when we post something new, and can leave comments for us to read if you have recommendations of where we should go, and things we should do!

Much love and, as ever, Adventure Awaits,
Us xx

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