Back travelling

Well! Here we are nearly a year after we left on our sabbatical and half a year since it finished! After Buenos Aires we fit many more activities into our days, and made more friends along the way, leaving us with much less time for writing blog posts. I'm a… Read on

Interlude: Pack Post

We’ve been so busy recently, here in the middle of the Atacama desert, that I’ve not had time to write a post for you all! However I’ve been sneaky and (perhaps somewhat unexpectedly) well prepared, and put together an interlude post for a quiet moment while we… Read on

An aerial Pacific sunset

We were graced with a rare treat on the flight South to Santiago de Chile; being in the West-facing window seats for a stunning sunset over the Pacific. If you’ll forgive my inner physicist a moment; being 12,500m up means the sun can get even lower below the… Read on